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Looking for a Virtual Office Assistant, then you have come to the right place. Virtual Resource Services, Inc (VRSI) has professional Administrative Support personnel ready to Lend a Helping Hand.

Our Office Assistants have the experience necessary to form a solid partnership with your organization therefore freeing your time to grow your business.

Whether you are looking for an Executive Assistant, Office Assistant, Personal Assistant, Secretary Service, Marketing Assistant, Bookkeeper, Customer Support, Administrative Support, or General Office Support, our Virtual Assistants can help. All our Virtual Office Assistants are highly qualified, detail oriented, individuals with the skills necessary to help your company grow. Our number one priority is to keep you organized and the administrative side of your business flowing smoothly.


Virtual Office Support - Virtual Assistance

Virtual office support is accomplished by outsourcing your office support needs to a professional Virtual Assistant (VA). A Virtual Office Assistant is a highly skilled independent contractor who provides support services from an off-site location. A professional Virtual Office Assistant provides support to their clients in many area of expertise all from a remote location on a contractual basis. Virtual Office Assistants help business by providing administrative, accounting, creative, and technical support so they can concentrate on building their business.


Virtual Office Assistants employ advanced technology to remotely communicate and deliver data to clients. Communication is achieved via email, text, facsimile, instant messaging, telephone, internet, ftp, web conferencing, online calendars, online file folders, or overnight courier.


Virtual Resource Services (VRSI) offers a variety of virtual support services in the areas of: Administrative Support, Data Entry, Spreadsheet Creation and Maintenance, Database Creation and Management, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Human Resources, Word Processing & Typing, Desktop Publishing, Transcription, Form Creation, Research, Website Design & Maintenance, Customer Support, Event Planning, Writing and Editing Services, Business Services, Personal Services, and much more.


Our Virtual Assistants get the work done without all the hassles. Contact us today to see how utilizing a Virtual Assistant from VRSI can offer benefits over using and in-house administrative assistant and still be cost effective.


For more on the Virtual Assistant industry and for insightful information please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page and our blog.



Mission Statement - Virtual Resource Services, Inc (VRSI)

In this fast-paced business environment, it is virtually impossible to take care of all the day to day tasks and paperwork and still find time to concentrate on your business. VRSI is dedicated to handling all the time consuming tasks that takes a company away from building their business.


Our mission is to provide clients with expert business support while maintaining trust and confidentiality. We concentrate on getting our clients organized and keeping the administrative side of their business flowing smoothly. This allows our clients to concentrate on the most important thing, GROWING THEIR BUSINESS!



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Q: Are you frustrated in your search to find qualified administrative support that is dedicated to enhancing your business?

A: Then you need to partner with a Virtual Assistant from VRSI. Submit a service request today and let our Virtual Assistants lend a helping hand.

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